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Frequently Asked Questions:


I've ordered from you before but can't log in to my account

--In August 2014 we upgraded our website and changed many of our model numbers.  The database change wreaked havoc on 'order history' in customer accounts, so we didn't transfer any account or newsletter subscriber information.  We do have a record of all orders, contact us if you need information about a previous order.

--If you want to get back onto the newsletter list you will need to create a new account and choose 'subscribe to newsletter'

--You do not need to create an account with us to check out, just choose PayPal Express Checkout 

--We ship 1 to 3 business days after payment clears, (and if applicable) we have proper artwork.

--We ship Monday through Friday unless the Post Office is closed for a holiday

--To see shipping options, add an item to the shopping cart, then when viewing the cart an 'estimate shipping' button appears.

I don't have a PayPal account, so how do I pay?

--If using a credit card you do not need a PayPal account for them to process the payment. When directed to PayPal you have the option of creating an account with them or not.

--If you refuse to use PayPal, as some do, choose check / money order as the payment method and mail us payment.

Can I fax you my logo?

--No. We need an electronic file, click here for requirements.  We can arrange simple elements and manipulate text but do not create logos.

I don't see where to attach my image during checkout

--Before purchasing a custom stamp please email us your artwork so we can be sure it will work  At checkout please enter the image's name that you emailed so we can match it to your order. Email your image here.

Will my image work for a stamp?

--First check our image requirements , if it is correct email it to us and we'll let you know if we think it will work. Images with many small details close together may get washed out when stamped into leather. We test all stamps before shipping and if we're not happy with the stamped image we will cancel the order if the image cannot be corrected.

What are your stamps made of?

--Our stamps are made of Delrin, which is a plastic, it is as strong as aluminum.

How long will your stamps last?

--Our stamps can last over 1,000 impressions if they are properly taken care of.  Dropping our stamps on a hard surface can dent them.  Striking the stamp too hard into thin leather can also cause them to deform.  Delrin is as strong as aluminum and can give great stamping results if you treat your stamp with care.

How do I use your stamp?

--Our stamps are hand stamps.  You strike one end with a mallet, the other end will imprint into the leather.  For stamps with a lot of surface area an arbor press will give the best impression.  Also if you have a problem of the stamp jumping (giving multiple impressions) an arbor press will stop it.