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Anyone with a Windows PC can create a graphics file in the correct format for submission by using Paint.

Open paint, create new file, click on Attributes under Image.

Under Colors choose Black and White.

For Units choose Pixels.

To determine the Width and Height: multiply the desired size by 300 (300 dots per inch).

Example: A 1 inch square, or 1 inch diameter image would have a width and height of 300.

Click OK and you're ready to design.

Do not use gray, only black and white.
--Leather stamps- the black in the image will be the impression, white is the relief
--ID tags - the black in the image will be lasered white

When you are finished, under File click Save As, and then choose Monochrome Bitmap, name it what you want, and click save.

You can also open a file, then Save As Monochrome Bitmap to ensure it is correct.